Mixed Platforms

Windows and Mac OS need not be mutually exclusive technologies. We frequently find that our clients have need of Windows only solutions, pieces of vertical software that will no run on any other platform.  In other instance we find that employees and owners may opt to use a Mac but that their company is still primarily Windows centric, often running an Active Directory server, ie. Windows Server 2003, 2008, and even exchange.  We can often help smooth over the technical issues with contracted or in house IT support technicians, and have the knowledge to integrate Mac OS into existing Windows Workgroup Domains.

We have a number of customers presently in different phases of transition.  All running Windows SBS 2003, Active Directory, and Exchange.  In one case we simply setup their new Mac with VMWare’s Fusion, a virtual machine solution, setting up their virtual machine as if it was simply a new PC added to their existing Domain.  We have also worked with a company that has downsized considerably, and no longer has need for a full blown Exchange server, but still must use a PC only accounting solution, and desire to keep their mobile account setup. We were able to get all of their Macs networked and bound to the Active Directory Domain, allowing them to have much greater functionality with regard to managing assets and information between the two platforms.

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