It’s been suggested that over half of the customers who purchase from an Apple Store are Windows users making the decision to switch to Mac OS.  In Apple’s latest World Wide Developer Conference, it was communicated that while the PC market has seen a 1% decrease in sales, the Mac OS platform has seen a 28% increase in sales.  People switch to the Mac OS platform for a number of reasons, and switchers have a whole host of questions and concerns when they unpack their new machines.

We have helped hundreds of switchers make the transition smoothly and easily.  Switching can and should be a relatively painless process. Our approach with our customers is to find out what they were expecting from Mac OS, what they didn’t get from Windows, and finally to help translate the skills they already have and obtain new skills to achieve their vision.  We are comfortable in both operating systems, and will make the transition seemless.  If you’re an Apple Store customer, we can help finish the process of file transfer by making sure all of the transferred files are available in the appropriate applications. For example this would include moving images into iPhoto, or video into iMovie.    If you’ve purchased from another retailer, you might need actual setup and file transfer help, no problem, we ready to aid you in whatever solution you need.

Another challenge is choosing the right software on the Mac OS side. Many of our customers come to us before the purchase, especially our business clients.  We can help you plan your migration, and make sure you’ve got everything you need to get your work done.  Frequently we are contacted by desperate customers who have already purchased their Mac, and have discovered that some important piece of software doesn’t work with Mac OS.  We’ll help you out before your purchase, and make sure to partner you with a local Apple Store to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

In some cases a piece of software only exists for Windows, and no equivalent is available for Mac OS.  This doesn’t have to be a deal killer, thanks to Apple adopting Intel technology for their hardware, Virtual Machine applications like VMWare Fusion, and Parallels can allow you to run the Windows operating system right along side your Mac OS, giving you the best of both worlds.  Apple also offers another alternative, Bootcamp,  a technology allows users to reboot their Macs into Windows.  We can help you decided which technology would be best for you, and help you setup your Mac to run Windows software.

We love technology, and we love our Macs, but we also recognize that sometimes running Windows and Windows compatible applications is necessary.  We happily support both operating systems, and make sure you’re up and running on both sides of the fence.

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