iOS Deployment

In 2007 Apple, Inc. created a revolution in the cell phone idustry with the release of the first iPhone.  Since then Apple has not stopped innovating their phone technology.  Recently with the introduction of the iPad, Apple has branded their mobile Mac OS X based operating system iOS.  iOS has seen phenomenal acceptance for both personal and business use.  A number of powerful solutions are available to individuals and companies looking to take advantage of Apple’s multitouch operating system.  We have helped a number of companies and groups, adopt Apple’s iOS as a core technology in their sales, marketing, and time management efforts.  With products like Filemaker, Filemaker Go, Daylite,, and Google Apps we can help you deploy powerful database solutions.  With the release of Mac OS X Lion Server 10.7, Apple has added Mobile Device Management support for iOS devices into their new Profile Manager.

American Home Makeovers, was a company whose mobile solutions were no more complex than making phone calls on cells phones. We established a company wide Google Apps deployment, moving them from traditional POP mail, and desktop based Office solutions, to powerful IMAP and cloud based productivity.  iOS was a major element to this new less centralized model. The company did however still require a centralized server for CRM, Daylite was setup as their primary information management software. We were able to deploy 20 seats of Marketcircle’s Daylite Touch, allowing them to sync marketing and sales information to their main server while remaining mobile.  The ability to extend their database into the mobile space allowed them to get access to opportunity, project, calendar, task and customer information in the field. This reduced their overhead for personnel, and improved response times for Project Managers and Sales Managers.

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